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Experience the rejuvenating benefits of a facelift, without incisions!


| Advanced Microneedling System


Morpheus8 is an innovative, clinically proven, non-surgical, advanced microneedling system that uses deep fractional radiofrequency to address a variety of issues. This intelligent, full body solution enables patients to experience shorter treatment duration (typically 30 to 60 minutes), and little to no downtime or visible scarring afterwards.

As we know, our skin loses elasticity as we age… resulting in wrinkles, lines, and sagging. Radiofrequency (RF) technology is a great, non-invasive solution to this unavoidable problem!  By stimulating collagen production and allowing skin and tissue remodeling to occur, it tightens and smooths lines, while reducing irregularities.


Combining radiofrequency, microneedling, and fractional technologies, Morpheus8 employs tiny needles that penetrate the skin at a far deeper level than other procedures.  It heats the tissue to stimulate collagen production and virtually molds the fat beneath the skin, allowing detailed contouring of the subdermal layers to sculpt the face naturally and achieve optimal results.


Relatively painless, the needles are very sharp and fine, and puncture the skin without feeling tugging or pulling. There is usually a slight prickling sensation at the start, followed by warmth as the needles pass over the skin in a uniform, controlled and consistent heat flow.

While Morpheus8 can be used to renew collagen production on any area of the body, the lower face and neck are most common. Acne scarring, stretch marks and skin discoloration can also be treated, and minimized.

Results will be noticeable within a few days after treatment, and continue to improve for up to three months afterwards.

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